Fun Flavors 4 in 1 Massage Lube 1oz/30ml

Fun Flavors 4 in 1 Massage Lube 1oz/30ml

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Stay Wet longer to help make a good thing even better. Wet Fun Flavor 4-In-1 Body Glide formulas add lots of extra sensation to playtime; they gently warm up with motion, making them perfect for massage and skin to skin contact. Popp'n Cherry has a tasty, extra lickable fruity flavor which is completely harmless if ingested, so you can up the pleasure potential for both of you during oral sex. Of course, your Wet Fun Flavor can be used as a traditional sex lube as well, helping you enhance sensation and make your love session last longer. To get the most out of your 4-In-One, run the bottle under warm water to heat it even before contact. All Wet lubes are formulated according to the highest industry standards. Wet Fun Flavor is latex and condom safe, and washes off with warm soapy water.

Condom safe

Heats on contact

Sugar free

Harmless if ingested